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Step 1 of 4.   Range of years
Step 2 of 4.   Search condition:  a SET of 1 or 2 text matches
  1.           )

    Note:  question texts searched are the question texts included in variable-level codebook records.
    For administrative and other non-survey variables, 'question text' represents the
    equivalently-used item description (e.g. Interviewer age) from the codebook record.

    Wildcard characters are not recognized.
Step 3 of 4.   Additional Search condition (OPTIONAL STEP):  another SET of 1 or 2 text matches
Relationship of additional SET to Step 2 SET :         

  1.           )
Step 4 of 4. Select output
  1.   QUESTION TEXT (default)

    For example, you may wish to search within question texts only, but for output you may wish to output
    the full codebook records of the variables for which matches occurred.